Are you tired of the harsh abrasion of burning tar on the inside of your lungs? Do you wish you could kiss your wife without her complaining about the smoke on your breath? Do you wish you could smoke inside when Old Man Winter is roaring outside? If you answered yes to all these questions, electronic cigarettes are for you.

Blu Cig, perhaps with ego inflated by their stylish packaging, claims that it stands as the number one electronic cigarette brand. This is a brash claim, especially considering the sheer amount of electronic cigarette brands on the market. So when I picked up the Blue Cig Premium Starter Kit, I ventured to decide whether their claim of greatness was true.

When I bought this product, I wanted something that would eliminate the worst parts of smoking while maintaining what I love about the hobby. A device that used the power of vaporization to eliminate the carcinogenic tar and acrid smell of smoked tobacco, while maintaining the active ingredient and the feeling of smoking.

1 New Blue Premium Pack with Social Features

1 Blu Wall Charger

1 Blu USB Charger

2 Blue Batteries

1 5 pack cartridge that comes in whatever flavor and size you want

Blue Premium Pack and Chargers Are Welcome Improvements

One of the first things to be noticed about this kit is the revolutionary charging features. Blu Cigs goes far beyond the charging capabilities of most other electronic cigarette brands with their Blu Premium Pack, its social features and the USB Charger. The pack is a simple yet effective item that helps the user keep better track of their e-cig, without having to worry about it getting lost or being forced to dig it out of the darkest recesses of their pockets. More importantly, it keeps yoru e-cig charged on the go. Perfect for the heavier vapor smoker. Even cooler is that it can sense when other Blu smokers are around and beeps to let you know. And you thought sharing a smoke with a stranger at the bar was social smoking. Finally there is the USB charger, so you can keep your e-cig charged almost anywhere, never being abandoned without a charge.

Unlike some brands of water vapour cigarettes, where you are forced to endure oxygen deprivation in attempt to get a full puff, the Blu Cig is very smokable and sensitive to your breaths. It is very nice to smoke and the taste is quite good. Less pulling means that your batter lasts longer and you don’t have to look silly as you enjoy your e-cig. However, don’t pull too heavily or you’ll get an unpleasant lungful of vapor..


The Blu Cig not only offers the ultimate charging tools, but they have far and away the top battery on the market. The lithium ion batteries in the e-cigs, depending on how often you use the device, last about a day. Of course, this is no issue when you have the Blu Premium pack to keep it charged. And the best part is that the Premium Pack only needs charging about every four to six days. This is an unheard longevity of battery lfie on the electronic cigarette market.

Appearance and Packing

There are two wonderful decisions that the engineers over at Blu Cigs decided to make. First of all, they succeeded in creating the smallest and most convenient device yet to be seen. It is only the battery and the atomizer, and it is truly a really great size for an electronic cigarette. Beyond the size, they decided to go with an amazing color scheme. The device itself is mostly black, and the light that turns on when you inhale is a cool looking blue color. With this scheme, nobody thinks you are smoking a traditional cigarette indoors, and you are much less bothered by vigilante anti-smokers. It’s amazing that no other brands have considered the intelligence of this color scheme.

There is only a small issue with this product, and that is the trouble with loading the liquid when you first start using it. The atomizer has trouble poking through the foil of the e-cig when you push it closed, and some liquid comes out. It seems there is a simple solution though. You simply have to shut the cartridge with a bit more force and turn the battery a couple of times to get the atomizer through the foil. Then you’re good to enjoy your experience.

blue cigs review in 2014

Some Conclusions That Should Be Stated Re: BLU

The Blu Cig ended up truly defending the claims of its makers. The great smokability and flavor of the product alone makes it one of the top e-cigs on the market. Then add in the useful Blu Premium pack and the USB charger, giving you the ability to puff on your device almost any moment of the day, and you have a truly memorable electronic cigarette kit. The Blu Cig Premium Kit comes highly recommended by this reviewer.