Vapor Cigarette – The ECIG Cabin’s Focus of Expertise

Meaning of the Term 

When people realized that tobacco was harmful to the health of smokers, there was a frantic effort to find a safer solution for this risk. Luckily there was an idea of a safer device that had been shelved back in 1963 of a device that could function like a tobacco cigarette and at the same time do away with the risks associated with smoking tobacco. This was the idea of an electronic cigarette. The company which had registered a patent for the device in 1963 was the first one to develop a prototype for the electronic cigarette in 2003. An electronic cigarette is referred to by many names including a smokeless cigarette and a vapor cigarette.

Soon after the first electronic cigarettes were produced, RUYAN saw the potential of the device as a profitable endeavor. It started producing electronic cigarettes in 2003 and the cigarettes were literally flying out of the shelves at retail stores. This news of a revolutionary new device that was a replacement for tobacco cigarettes spread quickly all over the world. Many companies started to produce the vapor cigarette and there are now dozens of companies that produce the device.

Advantages of the vapor cigarette

The following are among the reasons why the electronic cigarette has become popular virtually overnight.

  • The cigarette does not pose severe health risks: compared to tobacco cigarettes, there are no carcinogenous chemicals (in any level higher than found in competing nicotine replacement therapies such as the patch and nicotine gums) present in an electronic cigarette.
  • All the chemicals present in an electronic cigarette are tested and while regulation is until now via initiatives initiated by the industry itself in attempt at responsible action (like TVECA) and many studies have now, unlike when first criticized several years ago, have been done and continue to return positive results essentially confirming what advocates for the alternative have though for a very long time.
  • On the other hand, tobacco has over 4000 chemicals. It is a product of nature and therefore nobody can decide which chemicals to put in it and which ones to leave out. Many of the chemicals present in tobacco have no effect to the human body. Tobacco however has chemicals which are classified as poisons and some of them are in fact lethal.
  • The chemicals that people are most afraid of in tobacco are those that cause cancer after years of use. These chemicals cannot be removed from tobacco and therefore all smokers of the substance risk their lives every time they light a smoke. The vapor cigarette is completely healthy to use.
  • The cigarette does not produce smoke (which is significant as it is in burning that combustion produces many of the worst toxins via chemical reaction).
  • The vapor produced by an electronic cigarette, Breathe Fresh ECIG told us here at the ‘Cabin’, is not as a result of a burning substance and can therefore not be classified as smoke. Tobacco smoke smells pungent to people who don’t smoke and this is the main reason why tobacco smoking is not as socially acceptable as smoking electronic cigarettes. The smoke produced by tobacco binds to clothes and therefore a smoker carries around evidence of his habit all over in his clothes.
  • Electronic cigarettes don’t produce ash: when a person is smoking an electronic cigarette, the cigarette is not getting consumed and no ash is formed. This is as opposed to tobacco smokers who have to find a place to deposit the ash such as an ashtray. Ash from tobacco frequently falls on unwanted surfaces such as clothes and dirties them. In the worst case scenario, smokers of tobacco burn holes in their clothes by accidentally dropping burning ash from their cigarettes. ‘
  • When you smoke an electronic cigarette you don’t have to worry about causing a forest fire or perforating your favorite shirt.
  • Electronic cigarettes do not pollute the environment. Tobacco cigarettes in stark contrast produce substances that cause much harm to the environment such as carbon dioxide which causes global warming. Other harmful substances are released into the atmosphere from tobacco smoke and therefore cause pollution and environmental degradation.
  • A vapor cigarette can be ‘Vaped’ in areas where tobacco smoking is prohibited. This includes practically all public areas including restaurants and buses. The vapor produced from electronic cigarettes does not pose the dangers associated with secondary cigarette smoke.


The electronic cigarette has many more benefits than the ones mentioned above. This cigarette is one of the best options available today for people who have been trying unsuccessfully to stop smoking tobacco. The main reason for this is because it is an excellent nicotine delivery solution and it delivers just the right amount of nicotine that a person needs and when he needs it.

Doctors have been known to use electronic cigarettes in programs to help people to quit smoking. The treatment process for nicotine addiction is quite similar to the treatment for addicts of hard drugs such as cocaine. This is because you have to provide the addictive substance to the person and then slowly reduce the quantity until the addiction is cured. Nicotine present in tobacco is quite addictive and people find it very difficult to quit. Even in the case a person fails to quit smoking electronic cigarettes, at least they don’t have serious health risks like tobacco. There are many people who have reported being finally able to kick the habit of smoking tobacco after getting started on smoking e-cigs.